Representative office

You just need an office, but no need to do operations.

Representative office

Foreign natural persons and legal entities performing commercial activity may open a representative office in the Republic of Bulgaria. The representative office performs non-profit activities such as preparing promotions and exhibitions, advertising of products or services, demonstrations, etc. The representative office of foreign natural persons or legal entities may not carry out independent business activity.

Representative offices of foreign legal entities must be registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). The applicant can be any foreign person authorised to do business under their national law.

A representative office of a foreign company in Bulgaria is one of the possible reasons to stay longer in the country in compliance with Bulgarian legislation and international regulations.

If you have a registered company in your country, you can register a representative office of the foreign company in Bulgaria, to become a representative of this company in Bulgaria, and eventually obtain a long-term resident status in Bulgaria through opening a representative office.

Representative office

What is included:


You will be personally consulted by a legal adviser and an accountant on matters regarding the registration of a representative office and Bulgarian legislation.

We will prepare the necessary documents

We will make preparation of the documents needed for the registration of a representative office, with enclosed translation in English;

Making visits to a notary public office

We will accompany you to a notary public office for the certification of your signature. There we will provide a sworn translator who will make a translation of the documents into your language.

Document registration

One of our lawyers will pay all state fees and will register your documents at the BCCI. We will track the movement of the documents until the time of registration of a representative office

A ready-made representative office

After two week you will receive documents certifying from BCCI certifying the registration.


800 EUR

240 EUR / year

200 EUR

(All prices are final)