Duration of registration

Step 1

Exchange of information

Duration - usually a few hours or a few days.

Step 2

Confirmation of required services and costs

Step 3

Payment for the service in advance

Step 4

Transfer of shares, directorship and access to bank account

If all related persons (shareholders and board members) come to Bulgaria simultaneously, it takes 1 day to fix all formalities by the notary public and the bank. Clients can start to use the company and its bank account immediately.

It is also possible to transfer the company ownership, board membership and internet banking without visiting Bulgaria. It takes usually 2-3 weeks additionally.

Step 5

 Filing changes in the Commercial Register

Filing changes in the register takes 1 week. 

Total time consumption from starting the process until the client can use the company and its bank account:

If visiting Bulgaria

Usually 2-5 days

If remote services are used

Usually 2-4 weeks