Business licensing

If your business needs a license - we will prepare all the necessary documents

Business licensing

A certain range of business activities are subject to licence or permission regimen. In this reference, we will provide consultation if your activity falls within the scope of these special regimens, and we will respectively prepare, complete and submit all necessary documents for providing you with the desired licences or permissions.

The most frequently issued licenses, for which we could assist, are:

  • License for trading with precious metals
  • License for money remittance
  • License for on-line gambling and betting
  • License for mediation in employment abroad
  • License for transport business
  • License for tour operator and travel agency

We will also do the registration in certain state institutions when this is necessary in connection with the performance of the activity and the observance of the provisions of Bulgarian legislation.


Some of the most frequent registrations done by us are the following:

  • Registration with the Commission for Personal Data Protection
  • Elaboration of Measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism as approved by the State Agency for National Security, Financial Intelligence Directorate.
  • MOSS registration
  • EORI registration


Naturally, we can assist you in the issuance of other licence types not mentioned above.

Get in touch with us to specify the details related to obtaining the relevant licence, permission, certificate or registration. We will inform you in details of the character of the procedure and the required documents, for the activity performed by you in each specific case, so that you meet all legal requirements in force by 2016.

You will receive price quotation for the service and time terms for the issuance of the permission.