Accounting services

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Accounting Services

Our accounting services are in full compliance with Bulgarian national accounting standards as well as International accounting standards. Our clients are newly registered companies and customers who have bought ready-made VAT registered companies.

Our accountants are highly focused on our foreign clients, operating exclusively in international environment and dealing mainly with trans-border operations, in order to give you the best advice given the specific situation, so you can optimise your tax behaviour and take advantage of knowing the best course of action.

Our accounting department uses software, approved by the National Revenue Agency, ensuring full compliance with current regulations. Our system is always up-to-date with the current Tax updates and the necessary amendments provided to our clients. We guarantee to our clients quality work and professional attitude towards all business related matters.

Price formation

You will only pay for what you use – there are no additional charges for VAT processing, annual accounting balance, preparation of the annual tax return and annual financial statement – all this is included in our services.

The prices of our accounting services are formed on a monthly basis according to the number of documents processed. Our accounting offer is transparent, consistent with the document turnover of your company. All you have to do is choose one of our offers below.

We offer both monthly payment for our accounting services, and annual payment at a 10% discount.

Companies with registration under the VAT Act Monthly price Yearly price -10%
Up to 20 documents per month € 90 € 970
Up to 50 documents per month € 140 € 1500
Up to 100 documents per month € 180 € 1950
Over 100 documents per month To be agreed To be agreed


Number of employees Monthly price
1 employee € 20
Each subsequent employee € 10

The price for accounting services includes:

  • Monthly accounting of income and expense invoices, as well as clients’ account movements in accounting software
  • Issuance of bilingual invoices, invoice notices and protocols with an accounting software in compliance with the VAT Act
  • Preparation of the monthly VAT returns and filing them with the NRA, including nil returns for the months when the company had no documents to process
  • Filling bank payment documents for tax liabilities – as hard copies or electronically in the client’s e-banking
  • Drafting and signing the company’s annual financial statements, annual tax return, and activity reports for the National Statistical Institute in accordance with the national accounting standards and the Accounting Act
  • Duly notifying the clients for any changes in the legislation connected with the company's activities
  • Your necessary accounting consultations on current matters during the month