Ready-made companies

We provide a list of different companies ready for business.

Bulgarian ready-made companies or a shelf company

The ready-made company is a company which is registered in the Commercial Register, which has gone through the VAT registration procedure and has a valid EU VAT ID, which is one of the advantages of ready-made companies. In this manner, you save yourself the three-week procedure for the VAT registration of a new company.

Ready-made companies have a registered business address and an active bank account. These companies are intended for sale to a person or a group of persons willing to start doing business immediately, without wasting precious time over formalities.

If you wish, during the transfer of the title to the company, we can make any changes to the company subject to the needs of your business – promptly and absolutely free.

Company Registered Price Status
Gea Trucking Ltd 09.02.2011 € 1900 Available
OK Trade Ltd 14.10.2015 € 1100 Booked
ISP International Ltd 04.07.2015 € 1100 Booked
Trakia Lift Ltd 19.07.2015 € 1300 Available
Bilplas Ltd 03.5.2011 € 900 (without VAT) Booked
Fast Shopping Ltd 04.09.2015 € 1100 Booked


Our ready-made companies are entirely secured. The companies we provide have never been active and they have never done any transactions whatsoever. If you wish, you may receive a certificate from NRA which evidences the status of the company and that it has no outstanding liabilities.

In addition, all our companies have been maintained well in time and all necessary legal requirements have been fulfilled in a timely manner: monthly submission of VAT declarations to NRA, submission of Annual Financial Statement to the Commercial Register, tax returns and statistical documents.

Time taken for the company to become yours

The time taken by the Commercial Register for transferring the title to the company in your name is about 2-3 business days.

Ready-made: What you get:

Commercial Register registration

Your company comes with a full set of papers that evidence the registration with the Commercial register; translated in English fоr your convenience

VAT Registration

You receive a certificate for VAT registration, issued by the National Revenue Agency (NRA) , as well as an active EU VAT number, which you can verify online at VIES.

Transfer of the company shares to you

We will transfer the capital stock, management, etc.

Opening a bank account 

After the transfer of the title to the company in your name, we will visit a bank office where we will open a corporate account with electronic banking in your name.

Registered office and correspondence address

The first year is included in the price, and for the years to follow – reasonable prices.

Free change of the registered company name

If you wish, we can change the name of the company or its activity, free of charge, subject to the needs of your business.

Corporate stamp

You will also receive a quality corporate stamp.

This type of companies is absolutely risk-free because the company is a separate legal entity, i.e. in the capacity of a founder you will eventually be liable to the state only with your share in the capital.

The main documents of a Bulgarian limited liability company necessary for registration are the Articles of Incorporation and the Memorandum of Association (the last one in case only one shareholder is involved).

The company of this type is managed by a director appointed by the General Meeting of the shareholders. A Bulgarian limited company may have a single shareholder, who may also be a sole representative and manager (director).

Fees for the first year

Acquisition of a ready-made company (EOOD) 

Provision of a registered office and correspondence address

VAT registration

Opening a bank account with e-banking

Transfer of the company shares to the new owner

Corporate stamp (it shall remain at the registered office)

Total amount 

1300 - 1900 EUR (single payment)

Included in the price

Included in the price

Included in the price

Included in the price

Included in the price


(All prices are final)

Fees for each next year:

Maintenance administrative fee *

240 EUR/per year

* This fee is payable from the 2nd year onward and it includes:

  • Provision of a registered office and correspondence address;
  • Provision of an authorised representative of your company who represents it before public institutions and the revenue authority in Bulgaria;