Remote services

If You can't come here - we can do everything on Your behalf.

Remote Services

Most frequently, we advise you to visit Bulgaria at least once, if that is possible for you. However, if this is impossible, we can organise absolutely all that is necessary without you coming to Bulgaria.

These are the remote services that we can provide for you:

  • Company Formation
  • Share transfer
  • Change of board membership
  • Opening bank account
  • Internet banking access
  • Other changes connected with the transfer of the company
  • VAT registration

In conformity with the law, in order to have company shares transferred (when you take advantage of buying a READY-MADE COMPANY), and the manager of a company changed, as well as to have access to a bank account remotely (without visiting Bulgaria), the client must sign two documents prepared by us:

  1. A power of attorney for transfer of shares and representation before a Bulgarian bank
  2. A certificate of consent and a specimen of the signature of the new manager

These documents must be executed in the proper manner, i.e. they must have an apostille attached by the authority of the relevant country. The document, along with the apostille, is translated by a sworn translator in Bulgaria and the translator’s signature is also certified by the Consulate Department with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When the documents referred above have been certified you can send them to us on the following address:

In case of corporate shareholder

If the shareholder will be a legal entity, then a power of attorney from the company must also be issued.

We also need company registry card with company basic data. Both these documents must be certified as mentioned above.

The official registry documents of a foreign company must contain at least the following information:

  1. The name of the company
  2. Registry code
  3. Address
  4. The names, birth dates or personal identification numbers of the directors or board member
  5. Powers of the directors (whether they are authorised to represent the company jointly and/or severally)

The names of the directors must not be different from how their names are written in their passports (or other document presented in Bulgaria to the notary public)

Document languages

The registry documents must be in English language. Otherwise local translation must be done.

Extract from a register

Usually all the required information is contained in a document entitled "extract from a register“. In such case no other documents are required.

After you submit an order and send your scanned passport, we will fill out all documents with your personal information, including your signature specimen and will send them to you together with detailed instructions so you can read and sign them.

Notary certifications can be carried out in every Bulgarian consulate, or if there is no Bulgarian consulate at your location, the notary certification may be carried out by any foreign notary public.

If the notary certification is carried out by a foreign notary public, or if the shareholder of the Bulgarian company shall be a foreign legal entity, please contact us for more information, because the requirements are different for the different countries.