to register a Bulgarian company


  1. Company name or a name from the list
  2. One main activity
  3. E-mail address (can be private)

Shareholders/management board members

  1. Scanned ID card or passport copy
  2. E-mail address

Indicate what else you will need for your company


Probable date for signing company transfer documents in Sofia or Plovdiv if visit into Bulgaria is acceptable.

If the shareholders are legal entities

If one or the sole shareholder is a legal entity (a company), the representative of such shareholder has to present to us an extract issued by the local corporate register. This extract must be certified with an apostille or legalised.

The extract from the corporate register must state at least:

  1. Name of the company
  2. Registration number
  3. Address
  4. Names of the board members (directors)
  5. Representation rights of the board members

If the company is represented by a person who is not a board member of the company, then a notarised power of attorney (PoA) issued by a board member, and a passport copy of the representative are required.