Foreign company branch

Establish the presence of your company on the bulgarian market.

Foreign company branch

Frequently, the development of a company creates the need to conduct business activities in various places, not only in the location of the seat and registered office of the company. This is the reason why vendors register a branch of their company, through which they separate part of their business activity to a location that is different from the location of the seat of the company. For a company branch to be functional. It needs to be incorporated and registered with the Commercial Register.

Foreign companies which are registered as vendors in the country of location of their seat may organise their business activity in the Republic of Bulgaria by registering a foreign company branch.

The name of the branch must consist of the name of the foreign company followed by "BULGARIA BRANCH". The branch shall have its seat and its own scope of business activity. The branch must have a manager.

What is included:


You will be personally consulted by a legal adviser and an accountant on matters regarding branch opening and Bulgarian legislation.

We will prepare the necessary documents

We will make preparation of the documents needed for registration of the foreign company branch, with enclosed translation in English

Making visits to a notary public office

We will accompany you to a notary public office for the certification of your signature. There we will provide a sworn translator who will make a translation of the documents into your language.

Document registration

One of our lawyers will pay all state fees and will register your documents at the Commercial Register. We will track the movement of the documents until the time of registration of the branch.

Ready-made branch

After one to two days you will receive documents certifying the registration of the company with the Commercial Register. At about the same time, you corporate seal will be ready.


800 EUR

240 EUR / year

350 EUR

200 EUR

(All prices are final)